Cookhouse Recap: February 15. 2021

Today we welcomed Chief Spice Mama Kanchan Koya, Burlap + Barrel Co-Founder Ori Zohar, and Element’s Truffles’ Co-Founder Alak Vasa.

Dr. Kanchan Koya’s Top 5 Spices:

Turmeric: Best bio-availability is with fat such as avocado or coconut oil and black pepper. Add to soups and stews. It’s excellent in Golden Milk, especially paired with cardamom and cinnamon (and don’t forget the black pepper!). For therapeutic doses, talk with your doctor about a full-spectrum turmeric supplement.

Cinnamon: Anti-inflammatory: Add to lentil soup, chili. For savory dishes, look for True Cinnamon.

Paprika, Cayenne, or Chili Pepper: Powerful anti-oxidants that add a huge punch of flavor. Spice up your cauliflower with cayenne and cumin.

Sumac: Lemony flavor without the liquid. Really delicious with cauliflower or just about anything where you want that lemony touch. The purple color is rich in powerful antioxidant that are beneficial for brain health and immunity.

Fennel: A lovely tea that’s so beneficial for digestion. It can help with fasting, and in Ayurveda it is a good gut stabilizer.

Dr. Koya was also asked about Fasting: She suggests taking a 12 to 14 hour “fast” from 7 PM to 9 AM, for example, to repair and restore your metabolic health. Of course, please speak with your doctor, as each person’s nutritional and health needs are  different.

Ori Zohar of Burlap + Barrel: Top Spices to Start Your Spice Collection

1. Cinnamon: Use Royal Cinnamon in pastries and baked goods, or sprinkle into rich, savory meat or tomato-based dishes. If you’re looking for cinnamon that’s less sweet and spicy and more citrusy and complex, check out Cinnamon Verum.

2. Black Lime or Sumac: A versatile ingredient common in Persian cooking, they have a savory, tart flavor that’s great on roasted meat or vegetables, in stews and soups, hummus, cauliflower rice, and anywhere you’d use lime juice. Sprinkle black lime on sugar cookies 🙂

3. Cumin: It has a savory, penetrating aroma and bright, umami flavor evocative of grilled meats and sweet caramelized onions.

4. Black Urfa Chili: Like, Aleppo pepper, but grown in Turkey. It’s delicious on kebabs and other grilled meats and veggies, cooked into stews and chilis, in salad dressings, sprinkled on fluffy scrambled eggs, and even mixed into brownies and other chocolate desserts for a little extra depth and a hint of heat.

5. Cobanero Chili Flakes: Spicier than Aleppo, this is a rare Mayan variety of chili pepper, grown in the mountains of Guatemala. It has a lush, fruity aroma and a fierce, smoky heat that makes everything taste better. Perfect for anyone who appreciates true chili flavor.

6. Garlic: If fresh garlic is tough on your stomach, try dried Purple Strip Garlic.

More wonderful ways to use spices:

  • On eggs
  • Chicken, meats
  • Vegetables
  • Start with a dish you already know, and experiment with adding spices. Most people tend to under spice their food – get a little crazy and add more than you would typically!

Hot Chocolate! Alak Vasa of Elements Truffles shares key elements to make Hot Chocolate that’s less sweet yet full of flavor and health benefits!

Lower Glycemic: Using coconut palm sugar or date sugar  instead of processed sugar has a lower glycemic index and deep, caramel flavor.

Raw Cacao: With 300-1200 individual constituents, cacao is one of the most pharmacologically complex plant substances known in nature. When consumed with very little sugar, it is a superfood, packed with beneficial minerals and neuro modulators that beneficially affect our state of mind.

Cinnamon: Naturally sweetens and is health-boosting (see above).

Elements Truffles’ Adaptogenic Hot Chocolate Blend: Infused with Ashwagandha, the ancient adaptogenic superfood. It is an Ayurveda superfood known for its energizing and stress relieving properties. Raw, organic and fair trade Ecuadorian cacao.

Check out my Hot Chocolate Recipe 💫 to get you started until your Elements Truffles stash arrives ♥️

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